Yard Work during Mid-Spring: Lawn Care Maumelle AR Specialists’ Advice

Now, more than ever, your grasses, trees, and plants require maintenance and your undivided attention. It is the season when you need to tend to their needs as much as you can with the help of professionals. Our lawn care experts in Maumelle AR are here today to make some recommendations on how to resume mid-spring lawn care and maintenance, as you have your plate full.

1. Keep in Touch with Your Lawn Care Company

Make sure you keep in touch with your lawn care service provider in Maumelle AR regularly to get updates on work schedules. If you are a regular client, you will be on their planned route already. Should you need our experts to tend to your lawn for the first time, do not forget to request a free estimate. A thorough inspection is probably the first thing our experts will provide you.

2. Yard Mid-Spring Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Here is a shortlist of mid-spring lawn care and activities that our experts in lawn care in Maumelle AR can provide you with, as they know this season is one of the most challenging, as everything seems to happen at the same time.

  • Our lawn care experts in Maumelle AR will first inspect the property and lawn in its most beautiful details; they will write down all the existing problems and all the fixes you need our experts in lawn care in Maumelle AR to handle in the immediate future;
  • If the grasses are tall enough, our lawn care experts in Maumelle AR will even and edge the lawn;
  • If your trees, shrubs, hedges, and ornamentals need treatments and interventions, our lawn care technicians will give them a trim if necessary, and the weather allows;
  • Mid-spring is the best time to rake the lawn, dethatch it, and even aerate the soil. Core soil aeration is mandatory to allow air, heat, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots;
  • If you want to spend some time outside, take your time to clean your patios, decks, tool sheds, and gardening tools;
  • Crabgrass control, pre-emergent, and post-emergent weed control are mandatory this time of year;
  • If you have an irrigation system, ask your lawn care experts in Maumelle AR to check it for flaws to make sure it will work correctly in summer;

3. Plan Wisely

Our lawn care experts in Maumelle AR recommend you keep an eye on everything – pests and weeds or other threats – and have your technicians take care of everything. If you are just starting with lawn care, ask for a free estimate!