What Do You Know about Overwintering Pests? Our Lawn Care Greenbrier AR Experts Help You Find Out!

We all hope that in winter, we take some rest from lawn care and management. Nevertheless, not all things go entirely dormant in the cold season. Some pests may still be around. Some munch on your conifers, while others dwell around your home, ready to invade. Today, our lawn care specialists in Greenbrier AR are here to discuss some overwintering pest issues you might not know.

Not All Pests Die in Winter

Few pests actually do. Most of them go dormant, expecting warmer seasons to cause mayhem on your lawn. Other such pests engage in activities around your home’s foundation. You may not see them, but they are there. Our local lawn service team in Greenbrier AR says your property is the unwilling host of the following pests:

  • Chinch bugs. Real lawn destroyers, they hide around the foundation of homes and buildings; some may even infiltrate your basement, sheds, storage rooms, and so on.
  • Invisible in winter, these larvae stay deep underground, waiting to feed on young spring grasses. You may know you have Japanese beetle larvae if you also notice an increase in skunks and moles populations digging on your property.
  • While not destructive to your lawn per se, if they manage to enter your home and multiply, you will be in a world of trouble.
  • Fleas and ticks. While usually summer pests, do not think they cannot survive the winter and find their way into your home.
  • Spider mites. The bane of your broadleaf plants and conifers, spider mites will leave behind small holes the size of dots, a sure sign they feed on your winter landscape.
  • Scale insects and lace bugs can also overwinter, causing some damages during the cold season, but especially in spring.

Lawn Maintenance against Overwintering Pests

Our experts in lawn care in Greenbrier AR recommend you keep your yard and lawn clean at all times. Even if it snows, you should remove dead leaves and vegetal debris. Keep sheds and storage rooms dry and clean as well.

Another thing you could do in the winter months is to inspect your trees and shrubs. Look for signs of spider mite activity (small dots on leaves). If you see brown patches of grass and signs of drought, you may have some active grubs on your turf.

Ask our lawn care experts in Greenbrier AR for their assistance. They will give you the advice and help you need!