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Pro-Mow Lawn Care offers a comprehensive list of lawn & landscape services to not only help your lawn maintain its current health, but also to cure issues that may arise, and improve the environment of your lawn. Utilizing the talents of our trained professionals, and each of these services when necessary, will allow your lawn to not only survive, but to also thrive and grow into the lush green landscape you desire.

Lawn Care Service

Our thorough, lawn mowing service includes mowing of your entire lawn using only the best equipment in the industry to ensure a “carpet” cut every time. Our staff takes the time to ensure quality string trimming (weed eating) of the entire property including but not limited to edging and borders of all landscape and garden beds, dog kennels, swimming pools, fence lines, swing sets and patios including those hard to reach places.

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Fertilization & Weed Control

A Quality Turf Grass Management Program starts with healthy turf grass! While chemical weed control is necessary and an effective maintenance tool in any lawn care plan the goal should always be to grow healthy grass. Our turf specialist utilizes, years of experience, the very best in soil analysis, fertilization, soil amendments, and chemical applications to accomplish the goals of your customized plan all the while, adhering to strict safety protocols. From Bermuda grass, and Zoysia grass, to Centipede grass and St. Augustine, our Turf Grass Management Programs are customized to fit the needs of your specific lawn, and protect you and your family.

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Landscape Maintenance

Professional, recurring landscape maintenance by our experienced technicians takes all that weight off your shoulders… Literally. Leave the loading, unloading, pruning, cleaning and dirty work to the pros. We love all the things you hate about landscaping and we get it done right. We handle the logistics and labor all the while providing a quality, customer focused experience, designed to make your life easier.

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Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Mowing, weed control, fertilizer, pruning, mulch. It’s all for naught if your home is buried in leaves all season long. Don’t let the trees take over in fall. Recurring leaf removal, yard clean up and debris removal are the final step in a quality maintenance program. Regular service gives you more of what you pay for, for longer, a clean landscape and lawn.

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Pest Control Service

You invest a lot of time, effort, and money to create a beautiful lawn, just to have it ruined by pesky grub & insect invasions. They destroy the health of both your lawn and put your family’s health at risk. Pro-Mow Lawn Care can take care of all of your Pest Control Service needs. From Armyworm Control to Flea & Tick Reduction, we’ve got your covered.

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Irrigation & Drainage Services

A healthy lawn loves a functioning and properly adjusted irrigation system. Your lawn and landscape irrigation system’s a key component in maintaining the quality and health of your property! Accurately placed water, at the right time, in the correct amounts will yield amazing results. Proper Irrigation practices yield disease free, and drought resistant turf grass. Your wallet, your grass, and the environment will thank you for taking the time to set your system up right!

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Christmas Lighting Services

With professional Christmas Light Installation service comes professional results. In contrast to your everyday, big box store lighting, we only use the best in high quality LED Christmas lighting. Ranging from mini to C9, These Christmas lights will blow you away! Above all, Superior LED technology provides a safe and efficient lighting source that is environmentally friendly, and electric bill loving!

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Find the information you need? Then fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your lawn care needs. Still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to answer any concerns you may have. For fastest service, give Pro-Mow Lawn Care a call at 501-581-1931.