Pro-Mow March Lawn Care Tips

“March marks the final stages of green up for you turf grass.  Now is the time to apply broadleaf weed control, to control weeds such as henbit, dead nettle, hairy bittercress and many others. Killing the weeds now while they are active and before they go to seed is the best way to eliminate them later on especially for those who skipped the pre-emergent treatments in February. There is still time to attack the crabgrass seeds and others with the pre emergent control if you hurry. We will also begin fertilizing the turf late this month and early next month.”

– Roy Summers

Pro Tips for March

March brings the nursery stock into the area and is a great time to get the annuals in.

Pruning Tasks

Spring Flowering Shrubs and Vines
Reshape immediately after these plants finish blooming for the season to promote additional blooming.

Crepe Myrtles
Don’t top them! Your crepes will bloom much better and likely year round in some cases if we simply remove any suckers from the base, branches that are growing into the house or crossing, and simply clean them up. It’s better for the plant, the appearance and your wallet!

Evergreen Shrubs
We need to prune before new growth begins. We can remove as much as 25% of the old growth if we trim by had and avoid using formal shearing techniques. This can make the bushes a little thin but it’s a great way to get control over that crazy Lorapetalum.

Transplants and dig outs
Transplanted trees and shrubs should have 30-40% of their growth removed to compensate for the loss of root material during dig out.

Lawn Tasks
We need to “scalp” (not literally) treated lawns early this month down a little shorter and bag it up. This will remove any top growth and prep the lawn for the pre-emergent weed control.