Pro Landscaping Conway AR Tips for Vole-Proofing Your Yard and Garden

Voles are underground rodents that love winter and thrive on your landscape if you let them. One or two voles can require some control measures, but if you have an infestation on your hands, things will get terrible very soon. Today, our landscaping pros in Conway AR want to share with you some tips on how to vole-proof your valuable landscape and its elements.

Knowing the Enemy

You may not see the voles in action. Sometimes, you understand the damage they’ve done only in spring. Nevertheless, our landscape company in Conway AR is here to tell you some surefire ways to learn if you have a vole problem on your property.

  • Droppings near taller ornamental plants/shrubs;
  • Chewed tree bark, tree shavings, chewed branches;
  • Damage to young shrubs and trees’ roots;
  • Footsteps, runways, and tunnels dug all around the property;
  • Absent flower tubers and bulbs;
  • Disturbed logs, firewood piles, compost piles, and so on;
  • Damaged wooden landscape elements;
  • Bitten fruits.

Beating the Enemy at Its Own Game

If you see such signs, it means it’s time to take some measures. When it comes to landscape maintenance, our experts are not fans of radical solutions, such as chemicals, baits, and traps. They do, however, propose some vole-proofing methods for your landscape.

  • Bring inside all the potted ornamentals you need to protect;
  • Valuable landscape trees should receive temporary steel mesh fences to safeguard their barks and roots. Voles are underground pests, so stick the mesh deep in the ground (a minimum of 5 inches) and raise the fence at least 20 inches high;
  • Ask your local landscaping experts in Conway AR to perform a new mulch installation. Replace the organic mulch with gravel, rocks, pebbles, crushed rocks, and so on. Such materials deter voles;
  • If you need to mulch perennials, do not do it without assistance. You should wait for the soil to freeze at least once. Then you should call your mulch installation experts and give it a go;

Keeping the Enemy Away

Most rodents – voles included – are looking for food and shelter around your home. Since your high-value landscape trees, shrubs, and ornamentals are out of the question, you should make sure voles do not find a welcoming atmosphere on your property. Our landscaping experts in Conway AR suggest you keep the lawn and landscape clean and neat. Remove vegetal debris, move firewood stock away from key-landscape elements, rake if you must, and always be on the lookout!