May Pro Lawn Care Tips Little Rock

May Flowers are here at last. If you didn’t get washed away in the great monsoon of ‘17 count yourself lucky. Many clients had damage to the beds, and turf, somewhere luckier than others fortunately. This month is when that Bermuda and Zoysia will really start growing quickly. Crews are mowing more and more clients on a weekly basis to keep up and you will be seeing more and more of them as the month progresses. As the spring rush begins to slow the landscapers are free and more available to take care of any lingering projects.”

– Roy Summers

Pro Tips for May
This is your last chance to get down lime if needed and bring balance back to your lawn.

Lawn Tasks:

Soil Testing: A Lab analysis soil test is a great way to get started with rejuvenating a lawn or area. They are offered for free at the local University of Arkansas Extension office. Soil testing promotes environmental health by ensuring correct amounts of fertilizer are applied and ensure the healthiest lawn possible.
Aeration: The University of Arkansas recommends aeration beginning in May. Hurry once the ground is hard it’s almost impossible.
Mowing: Weekly service begins this month as the speed of the grass growth increases. If you can’t tell we’ve been. That means we are doing it right!

If you haven’t done so now is the time to de-winterize the irrigation system, test it and make adjustments.
As soon as we start drying up in June it’s time to start watering 1” – 1.25” per week.

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds…
With the warm weather come the invasive weeds into the turf. Chief among the problem weeds are Dallisgrass. Tough, resilient and un-killable by all accounts this very common grass weed can be a huge problem if left to its own devices. Since the ban on MSMA we now have only one treatment solution and heavy infections will take a couple of seasons to control. Don’t despair if you’re seeing it though there are options. Cultural, Mechanical, and environmental control strategies are super effective. Most folks can’t tell the difference between Dallis and Crab grasses.