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How To Hire and How Much to Pay Your New Lawn Care Service Provider

Are you tired of that old mower? Done doing the backbreaking labor? Had it with the heat? Sick of spending your free time doing yard work? Whatever your reasons for changing/hiring a lawn care company this season; take some tips from a Pro and avoid headaches later on. In this article, I’m going to give you a run down on what to be aware of and what to look for in your next or first, lawn care company and a few personal tips and a few useful bits of experience. First what does lawn care actually cost you to do yourself?

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Ready to Wow Your Friends and Family This Holiday Season? Don’t Forget…

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder, Daylight savings is right around the corner and a new year is upon us, again…

“The excited feeling of impending doom…”

One of my most dreaded aspects of the holiday hurry is getting everything just perfect for our Friends and Family. We all crave that little sense of pride we get from knowing that our home is welcoming and ready to receive all the love and laughter that comes with the Holidays. But the idea of all the cleaning, the cooking, the shopping, the kids, the decorations almost makes me want to run for my life… In 2017 who has time anymore?

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May Pro Lawn Care Tips Little Rock

May Flowers are here at last. If you didn’t get washed away in the great monsoon of ‘17 count yourself lucky. Many clients had damage to the beds, and turf, somewhere luckier than others fortunately. This month is when that Bermuda and Zoysia will really start growing quickly. Crews are mowing more and more clients on a weekly basis to keep up and you will be seeing more and more of them as the month progresses. As the spring rush begins to slow the landscapers are free and more available to take care of any lingering projects.”

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April Lawn Care Tips Little Rock

April showers bring May flowers they say. With the weather like it’s been we will see. The grass is almost out of dormancy and will start cooking along in the coming weeks meaning more frequent visits from the crew to keep things looking right. Most of the broadleaf weeds from the winter season have done their thing and the pre-emergent should be halting the growth of the summer weeds. It’s a battle from here on out to kill the tuff weeds but we’re good at what we do”

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Pro-Mow March Lawn Care Tips

“March marks the final stages of green up for you turf grass.  Now is the time to apply broadleaf weed control, to control weeds such as henbit, dead nettle, hairy bittercress and many others. Killing the weeds now while they are active and before they go to seed is the best way to eliminate them later on especially for those who skipped the pre-emergent treatments in February. There is still time to attack the crabgrass seeds and others with the pre emergent control if you hurry. We will also begin fertilizing the turf late this month and early next month.”

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Pro Lawn Care Tips for February

February is the beginning of the growth season for many ornamental plants. Pruning tasks should be completed before roses, crape myrtles, and others begin their seasonal growth.

Pruning Tasks
Bushy Roses (Knockouts): Ideally, we remove half of the top growth, we reduce the height and remove any weak internal canes by making a cut with sharp shears just above a bud that faces out from the center of the bush to encourage open growth.

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