Landscaping Maumelle AR Pros’ Tips on How to Pick Outdoor Solar Lights

Landscape lighting installations give a yard and garden that certain oomph and atmospheric joy that everybody looks for. However, when it comes to landscape design and installations, it is best to call your local team of experts in landscaping in Maumelle AR to help you with the task. Still, our specialists are here to tell you a few things about picking landscape lights for your yard this season.

Top Things to Factor in Your Landscape Lights’ Purchase Decision

The first thing to consider is to get solar lights. As you can quickly figure out, solar lights are environmentally friendly, are independent from your energy company, offer security to your property, and more. Our specialists in landscape design in Maumelle AR have the following advice for you.

  • This is a measure for brightness and you need some lights that range in between 300 and 600 lumens, although you can find landscape lights at 6 lumens. If you want more light on your property, you should get the 600+ ones.
  • Design and mounting. Our landscape lighting installation experts in Maumelle AR recommend you make the difference between lights that you stake in the ground, you mount on the wall, or you hang around like Christmas lights. Depending on your property’s design, your local landscape installation experts can recommend you the best models and types.
  • Lights’ lifespan. When it comes to your solar lights’ lifespan, you should look for systems that resist at least 6 to 10 hours a night. Moreover, you need to look for solar landscape light systems that endure at least 30,000 to 50,000 hours.
  • Weather resilience. Your solar lights should resist wind, rain, frost, snow, heat, and all other weather conditions. It is important to look for landscape lights coming with weather sealing.
  • Features and extras. If you want smart lighting, you should go for dimmers, smart Wi-Fi connection, motion sensors, and other trimmings.
  • Warranty and customer support. Just as you pick a household appliance, so you should pick your solar lights for your patio and garden. Make sure you get good warranty and reliable customer support.

Before you get solar lights for your property, talk to your local landscaping installation experts in Maumelle AR. They can offer you the best solutions and designs to turn your property into a true dreamland, where each landscape light emphasizes each area on your property. Either you want to liven your flowerbeds or highlight your patio, our landscape designer and installation specialists can help you with all you want!