Is Softened Water Bad for Your Landscaping in Conway AR?

You surely know that water softeners are devices useful in treating hard water. As popular as they may be, it is common knowledge that they use sodium (namely salt pellets). Now, if you use a whole house water softener, chances are you use softened water to water your garden as well. Our experts in landscaping in Conway AR received numerous questions regarding the use of softened water for irrigation. Today, they answer them!

1. Is softened water as detrimental for the landscape as they say?

Sodium-rich water can become dangerous if you use it in the long run. The salt in the water disturbs the water balance of plants, leading to their dehydration and eventually, death. If the salt accumulates into the soil, it can lead to long-term adverse effects. Our landscape contractor in Conway AR emphasize the following:

  • Accumulated salt in the soil stunts the growth of new plants. If you test the soil and learn it features above-normal levels of salt, you should discuss matters with your landscaping experts in Conway AR;
  • If salt gathers in large amounts in the soil, it prevents new plants from absorbing water;
  • Salty soils interact with your lawn treatments and applications delivered by your lawn care and landscaping technicians in Conway AR. They can render fertilization and weed control programs useless. Worse, they can also lead to soil and plant damages.
  • When salt accumulates in the soil and the underground water streams, it causes cascading problems for the organisms living on your property (the micro-ecosystems we have discussed many times in the past) and for the environment entirely.

2. Can A Homeowner Avoid Using Softened Water for Irrigation?

Yes. Our landscaping experts in Conway AR have a few suggestions for you:

  • Use the water softening system’s bypass valve when you water your garden. The valve temporarily circumvents the system, allowing you to use water that does not receive the ion exchange treatment;
  • Install a spigot outside the house; it will enable you to take water directly from the main water line and avoid softened water altogether;
  • Use organic methods: collect rainwater or distilled water to water your plants. This method permits you to dilute the salt in the soil.

3. Can Our Landscaping Conway AR Experts Help You with Your Soft Water Problem?

Your local landscaping contractor in Conway AR can offer you an early spring evaluation and hi-tech landscape irrigation solutions. Give them a call and learn how they can help with the healthy development of your lawn and garden!