Best Winter Practices in Lawn Care Conway AR: Our Experts Share Their Tips

Lawn maintenance does not stop in winter. While it’s true in some parts of the country, fall and winter are the best seasons to overseed cool-season ryegrass, while in others we wait for the frost and snow to pass, lawn care never truly ends. Today we will talk about winterization and putting the lawn to bed for warmer times. Our experts in lawn care in Conway AR are here to discuss some of the best practices in the industry.


When it comes to mowing in winter, many will tell you to refrain from such activities. However, you should call our local specialists in lawn care and maintenance in Conway AR. You probably enjoy weather still pleasant to have the grasses still green and ready for a makeover. Your lawn mowing company will tell you how high you should raise the blades, so the roots benefit from the proper protection.


Before anything else, cleaning and raking the lawn are mandatory. Wet, dead leaves left on the ground attract lawn diseases. Rake them thoroughly and remove them properly. On the other hand, if you want some free organic mulch, use a mower with sharp blades to shred the leaves. Spread them in an even layer all over the lawn. Our lawn fertilizer company experts suggest you refrain from this activity if you know the leaves already present diseases or traces of winter-enduring pests.

Winter Fertilization

Winterization is the practice of applying particular types of fertilizers on your lawn to help the turf roots survive. Our fertilization and weed control team in Conway AR suggests you pick the right substances for the right turf varieties. Keep in mind that too much fertilizer may burn the remaining grasses or disrupt the chemical composition of your soil.

Winter fertilization, as we said, is for survival. It helps roots store energy for the winter to resist until spring. They also use the energy boost to promote recovery next season. Winterization does not encourage growth spring and color. It is the job of spring fertilization, mostly.

Weather Monitoring

The weather in the area is quite problematic. Rain is a common occurrence, while snow can show up as an uninvited guest in some parts of the state. Keep an eye on the weather and, if snow or frost is in sight, make sure your lawn benefits from the proper drainage. Make sure you discuss fertilization with your local lawn care company in Conway AR about fertilizer use during rainy days.