April Lawn Care Tips Little Rock

April showers bring May flowers they say. With the weather like it’s been we will see. The grass is almost out of dormancy and will start cooking along in the coming weeks meaning more frequent visits from the crew to keep things looking right. Most of the broadleaf weeds from the winter season have done their thing and the pre-emergent should be halting the growth of the summer weeds. It’s a battle from here on out to kill the tuff weeds but we’re good at what we do”

– Roy Summers

Pro Tips for April

Aeration is a good idea if the ground is compacted. This process pulls a plug of soil up and out,

and onto the surface acting to pull valuable nutrients up and onto the soil surface. This process

also softens up the ground permitting root development.

Lawn Tasks:

Soil Testing: A Lab analysis soil test is a great way to get started with rejuvenating a lawn or area. They are offered

for free at the local UofA Extension office. Soil testing promotes environmental health by ensuring correct amounts of

fertilizer are applied and ensure the healthiest lawn possible.

Aeration: The UofA recommends aeration beginning in May. Hurry once the ground is hard it’s almost impossible.

Mowing: Bi-weekly service continues to be sufficient for most clients however that regular schedule is not far off!